Patients who suspect they might be suffering from varicose or spider veins often find themselves with lots of questions when they first consider pursuing treatment for their condition. That’s understandable, considering that any new medical challenge is bound to give rise to a host of unknowns.

When it comes to vein issues, many patients first need to determine whether they actually need treatment or if undergoing a procedure would serve more of an aesthetic purpose. For example, the mere presence of varicose and spider veins doesn’t necessarily mean that treatment is necessary.

Those in this position have options such as wearing medical-grade support hose or stockings to slow down the progression of the condition, although time and gravity do tend to contribute to the worsening of vein abnormalities. Compression can be an effective way to deal with your veins in the short term, but keep in mind that the issues may ultimately have to be dealt with medically.

However, for many people the visual evidence of varicose and spider vein is enough to warrant seeking treatment to improve the physical appearance of their legs and, typically, their own self-confidence and well-being. For patients with active outdoor lifestyles, recreations like swimming, boating and hiking can be dampened by the self-consciousness that often accompanies unsightly veins.

The case for treatment becomes more clear-cut when other symptoms begin to present themselves. Warning signs such as leg aches, a sense of heaviness in the legs, leg fatigue, night cramps, swelling or restless legs are just some of the indicators that the condition has progressed beyond simple unsightliness and can be affecting the patient’s health in more profound ways.

In such cases, we strongly recommend at least requesting an appointment at our Knoxville vein specialist office, where Dr. Jack Tarr and his staff can provide a full evaluation and consultation to determine whether or not a case calls for treatment.

If that does turn out to be the case, our team will be able to deliver an accurate diagnosis and offer the treatment plan that best serves each patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Jack Tarr of Vein Specialists of Tennessee has more than 30 years of experience treating patients in Knoxville and the surrounding East Tennessee area. Vein Specialists of Tennessee routinely treats varicose veinsspider veinsface veins, and venous ulcers through a spectrum of treatment options, including ultrasound-guided sclerotherapyendovenous laser ablation and microsurgical ambulatory phlebectomy.