In the past, patients with large problem veins have often had to undergo traditional surgery involving a hospital stay eliminate the problem. But now there’s a way for many people to avoid this discomfort and expense.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a relatively new procedure. It has its origins in the mid-20th century, and has been proven to be more effective for larger veins than sclerotherapy.

Here’s how the procedure works: ┬áThe surgeon marks the problem veins with a marker, after they have been identified visually or through ultrasound. Then the surgeon makes a series of incisions (about 2-3 millimeters in length) across the top of the identified veins. These “micro-incisions” allow the surgeon to use a specially designed instrument to grasp and remove the veins through the incisions.

The procedure uses local anesthesia, and can be done in our offices rather than in a hospital. The patient may wear compression hose for a brief period after surgery, but many people resume normal activities within a day or so.

The procedure is 100% effective and there are few side effects.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy can be an encouraging option to patients who have had problem veins that couldn’t be treated with sclerotherapy or other procedures, but who weren’t prepared for significant surgery. To learn more about the procedure and to see if it may be right for you, click here to schedule an appointment.